Recommended Tours


Haihe River Tour
As the Mother River and symbol of Tianjin, the 72-kilometer long Haihe river runs through the city toward Bohai Sea and has become a unique water tourism route of Tianjin.
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Binhai New Area Tour
Newly established on Jan 11, 2010, this area is mainly composed of 9 functional districts for advanced manufacture, hi-tech industries, logistics, tourism, CBD and Tianjin Port.
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Natural Scenery Tour
With the cool breeze and fresh air you will definitely feel refreshed when climbing the mountains and resting by the waters hidden in woods and bushes.
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Culture and History Tours
In 1404, the second year of the Yongle Emperor’s rule during the Ming Dynasty, Tianjin was formally built as a city. It now has a history of over 600 years as a city.
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Folklore Tours
First populated about 1,400 years ago, Tianjin assembles many shining stars in Chinese folklore culture and boasts diversified folklore cultural heritages.
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