Transportation to/in Tianjin
Free pickup
Free pickup service will be provided for all ICBS participants and their spouses/partners to help them transfer from the airports/train stations to the hotels in Tianjin (a 2-hour trip depending on the traffic). Participants can find detailed pickup information in the registration page.
To Tianjin
The following information may be useful if you are planning a DIY trip. After arriving in the Beijing International Airport, you can either take the intercity shuttle bus to Tianjin or use the intercity bullet train from Beijing South Railway Station to Tianjin Railway Station.

• Beijing to Tianjin intercity shuttle bus: you can take the shuttle bus at No.3 Gate on the first floor of T3 Terminal & No.15 Gate on the first floor of T2 Terminal. The buses depart from the airport at 45-minute intervals from 7 am to 11 pm with a fare of 82 yuan per person. The whole journey takes about 3 hours.

• Beijing to Tianjin intercity bullet train: you can hire a taxi to get to Beijing South Railway station at a cost of about 125 yuan or take the subway (Airport Express (to Dongzhimen) > Line 2 (to Xuanwumen) > Line 4 (to Beijing South Railway Station))with multiple transfers at about 29 yuan per person. The bullet trains depart from Beijing South Railway stations at 15-minute intervals from 6:30 am to 11 pm with a fare of 54.5, 65.5 and 93.5 yuan for 2nd Class, 1st Class and Business Class seats. The whole journey takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.
In Tianjin

Taxis in Tianjin charge an initial fare of 8 yuan for the first 3 kilometers and 1.7 yuan for each kilometer thereafter. There is also a charge of 1.7 yuan for every five-minute idle (cost is exempt for less than five minutes). It is strongly recommended you avoid illegal (without a meter) taxis from near the railway station and tourist spots. It is best to walk a few blocks to a regular street to catch a metered taxi. While taxis are relatively expensive for a single person, they can actually be a bargain with 3 or more riders. You can rent a taxi driver for the day or even for just a few hours. The drivers are happy to wait, and the cost for two hours would be less than 100 yuan.


Founded in 1904, the Tianjin bus system was the first in China, and the metro was second in the nation (1970) and today the city is well served by its public transportation. Within the city, traveling on a bus line that is less than 12 km (7 mi) will cost ¥1.5, while ¥1 will cover a journey on any line over 12 kilometers, even if you travel less than 12 km (7 mi) but on a line that is over this distance, the cost is still ¥1. It's well worth your time to look up popular bus routes. Buses are comfortable and clean.


The old Tianjin metro was suspended in 2001, but was re-opened after refurbishing in 2006. In addition, a light-rail line runs from the urban areas of Zhongshanmen to the seaside area Donghailu in Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA). The municipality consists of four rapid transit systems, Tianjin Metro Line 1, 2, 3, and Binhai Mass Transit (Line 9).
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