Host City-Tianjin
Tianjin offers a variety of tourist attractions for residents and visitors alike to navigate in and around the city.


Tianjin General Information
Tianjin,a municipality directly under the central goverment of china,one of the first coastal chinese cities opened to the outside world,is vigorous,practical,innovative,open and inclusive...
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History & Tourism
In 1400, Zhu Di passed Zhigu on his way to the south to launch a war for the regime. After his success in enthronement in 1403, he renamed Zhigu as Tianjin. He began to build city walls and defenses to establish three ...
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Tianjin dining culture is renowned throughout China, and not only the traditional Tianjin snacks, but the cuisines from other regions of China can also be found.
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A number of famous historical figures were born in Tianjin or have lived here for a substantial period of time. Their touches and traces add much flavor to the beauty of the city.
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From antiques to modern clothing and accessories, Tianjin is one of China's best places to go shopping. A variety of specialty goods that Tianjin produces, such as carpets, New Year posters and clay figurines are very famous in the world…
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The photo gallery gives you a first taste of the beauty of Tianjin.
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