Beijing Overview
Beijing, the capital city of the People's Republic of China (PRC) functions as the country's political center, cultural center and international communication center. Beijing was the capital cities of six Chinese ancient dynasties. The city owns a long history of more than 3000 years, regarded as one of the greatest ancient capitals of the world.

With years of rapid development, Beijing is now an international metropolis with a booming economy. Tourists could easily find grand shopping centers, hustle business centers, finance streets, and bar streets in Beijing nowadays. After holding 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic Park has become a new landmark of Beijing.
Tourist Attractions
Beijing houses a great many attractions, among them, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, the Forbidden City and the Tian’anmen Square are definitely where you must see. The first five sites are all world heritage sites.

As an ancient capital city, Beijing owns a long history and profound culture. Old tradition of Beijing has unique charm in the modern times. You can experience the traditional Beijing in the Yonghegong Lama Temple, Drum Tower & Bell Tower, Nanluoguxiang, Beihai Park and Jingshan Park.

In Beijing, some modern buildings are of great architectural value and aesthetics value, including the Bird Nest & Water Cube, 798 Art District, National Grand Theatre and Sanlitun Village.

As the capital city of China, all kinds of Chinese food could be found in Beijing, among all the categories of food, tourists could never miss roast duck, dumplings, and all kinds of Beijing snacks including Lvdagun, Wandouhuang, and noodles with soybean paste.

For tourists who are into traditional Chinese art, Peking opera, Laoshe Tea House, Kung fu show, and acrobatic are worth to go in Beijing. Besides, there are lots of stylish bars and café at Sanlitun Bar Street, providing a different experience for you.

As a modern capital city with a long history and profound culture, Beijing always gives tourists much more than expected. There is so much to see, to do and to experience in this charming city. Beijing reveals a world of colorful life and entertainment, and all these are waiting for your visit.
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