China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC)
Mandates, objectives & missions
Mandates: Regulating and supervising banking institutions and their business operations in China.

Objectives: To protect fair competition in the banking sector and enhance the industry's competitiveness, and thereby promoting the safety and soundness of the banking sector and maintaining public confidence in the banking sector.

Supervisory missions: Protecting the interests of depositors and other customers and maintaining public confidence in the banking sector through prudential supervision; increasing public knowledge about modern financial products, services and the related risks through education and information disclosure; and reducing banking-related crimes to maintain financial stability.
Philosophy, approach & criteria
Supervisory philosophy: Conducting consolidated supervision, ensuring the supervised institutions having in place effective risk management and internal control systems, and enhancing transparency.

Supervisory approach: Conducting risk-based prudential supervision to ensure accurate loan classification, sufficient loss provisioning, appropriate write-offs, acceptable profitability and adequate capital of banking institutions.

Supervisory criteria: Enabling financial stability while facilitating financial innovation; enhancing the international competitiveness of the banking sector; setting scientific and appropriate supervisory criteria and standards and refraining from unnecessary restrictions; encouraging fair and orderly competition; subjecting both the supervisors and supervised institutions to a strict and well-defined system of accountability; and allocating supervisory resources in a cost-efficient manner.
Organizational structure
As of end-2012, the CBRC departments and local offices numbered 2,075, including various departments at the head-office, Supervisory Boards, the China Financial Staff Union, 36 provincial offices, 306 field offices and 1,730 supervisory agencies. In addition, the CBRC maintains 4 training centers in Beidaihe, Shenyang, Shunde and Langfang.
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